A Globally Interoperable Blockchain for Identity

OEN is a secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective way for you to control and manage your identity on the Web.

OEN is a fit-for-purpose blockchain optimized for identity on the Web.

Human dignity demands that every individual be able to participate equally in our increasingly digital society. Everyone deserves the ability to create and administer unique, globally resolvable identifiers.

Blockchains enable us to reduce identifier management costs through shared common infrastructure. OEN is optimized for identity, which further reduces costs. As a result, network operating costs and fees are a fraction of those of general-purpose blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unlike many other blockchain networks, OEN does not use a scarce network token. This removes price volatility and regulatory risks associated with speculative token networks. OEN charges low, stable fees that decrease as the network scales.

Distributed systems enable competitors to cooperate on common infrastructure. These systems naturally resist centralization, surveillance, and censorship, which are threats to identity. OEN utilizes decentralized technology and governance to protect your identifiers.

Blockchains store data in a way that is publicly auditable. Bank-grade cryptography further protects data by making it extremely tamper-resistant.

Privacy by design is a guiding principle of the OEN blockchain. It minimizes the amount of data shared with third parties and allows people to determine what to share and with whom. OEN is well-suited to address the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

OEN supports a wide spectrum of identity management use cases. Any person or organization may create and control their identifiers, aggregate personal data, and determine their data storage location and accessibility.

The OEN Network is public.
Anyone can participate!

Global Public Utility

OEN is a global public utility for individuals, enterprises, and governments.


OEN is designed to put people in control of their own identity information. Individuals can aggregate digital credentials about themselves from various parties and decide how to share them. OEN gives people the independence to freely change services without losing their online identity.


Enterprises benefit from a cost-effective identity utility that is interoperable with anyone who uses Decentralized Identifiers. Authorized employees can seamlessly access restricted data without the need for usernames or passwords. Organizations gain the ability to create dynamic identity management rules with ease.


OEN provides interoperable identity management infrastructure that enables citizens to connect with separate government services using the same digital credentials.


The OEN Blockchain can be used across a wide spectrum of identity management use cases.


Governments can issue digital credentials such as driver’s licenses, passports, metro passes, food stamp vouchers, or voter IDs. Credentials are issued directly to citizens, enabling them to decide with whom the credentials are shared.


OEN enables disparate entities across the healthcare system to exchange verifiable identity data. Physician licenses, digital prescriptions, and medical records are just a few examples of identity data that can be interoperably shared and verified.

Financial Services

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions benefit from stronger identity verification. Cost-effective, know-your-customer checks reduce fraud and ease regulatory compliance.


Over one billion people worldwide are unable to prove their identity. This restricts their access to financial services, education, and healthcare. Providing the underserved with OEN identifiers helps service organizations coordinate aid.


With OEN, every trade entity in a complex economy can be more strongly authenticated, reducing fraud, friction, and transit time across supply chains.


Decentralized social networks, peer-to-peer messaging apps, and sharing economy apps can benefit from OEN features such as user centricity and data portability.

Become an Accelerator

Accelerators provide a new revenue stream for businesses.

Accelerators enable customers to rapidly write to the OEN blockchain while creating a new income stream for existing businesses.

Examples of Accelerators include registrars, governments, credential issuers, and digital wallet providers.

Anyone who accepts the Accelerator Agreement may become an Accelerator.

Run a Node

Get paid for participating in the OEN network.

A large number of nodes run by a variety of entities is essential for the health and security of the network. Nodes are financially compensated by the OEN Project for their contribution to the network.

As the system is permissionless, any person or organization may run a node.

Electors are expected to follow the guidelines in the Elector Agreement.

How It Works


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